10 grown-up prizes that should come in cereals

You get saddled with a bunch of lame responsibilities once you become an adult, but you also get a lot of cool stuff taken away. The ability to watch cartoons during the day, unfettered access to Yoo-hoo, and even cereal prizes. Yes, cereal prizes. In a hilarious question posted a few weeks ago on AskReddit, readers proposed a slew of prizes for Raisin Bran and Total “aimed at boring adults.” Have a look at the gallery below. What else would you add? A free income-tax class? A pack of hard candy? And on the flip side, which prizes aimed at awesome adults would you like to come in your cereal? So, check out these 10 grown-up prizes that should come in cereals and let us know which one you would really love, in the comments.

1. A pencil

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